Mechums River Security Concepts has been the
leading local provider of home and commercial
security systems, access control and video surveillance systems in Central Virginia since 1989.

Over the years, our customer-service driven business model has not failed us. We do not cut corners.
  • We are locally-owned and operated. We live right here and understand the importance of security.
  • We are highly motivated professionals who take extreme pride in our profession, craftsmanship and most importantly, our customers.
  • We maintain a high level of customer service in an era of substandard customer service.
    That’s why our customers refer us to their friends, neighbors and colleagues.


Your security and well-being are of primary concern/importance to us.
We’re looking forward to connecting with you.
Albemarle County requires security system owners to register in the False Alarm Reduction Program. Registration is free and will help you avoid false alarm penalties.
Providing a valued product and service at a fair price and providing exceptional customer service has never failed throughout our decades in the security business. Find out how we serve homeowners and businesses without cutting corners.