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That’s why we provide security solutions you can live with.

Intrusion Detection and Home Automation / Smart Home Technologies

Protecting Central Virginia families and businesses is the reason we are here. Burglary protection and safety are the most important services we provide. We provide many residential security options, from an economical burglar alarm which can be armed and disarmed at a security panel in your home, to fully-integrated home automation systems anchored around a security system and run from your smart phone.

Our complete home solutions enable customers to remotely access alarms, door locks, video cameras, thermostats and lights. Customers can arm and disarm alarms, open and close door locks, view visitors at their front doors and toggle their thermostats and lights from anywhere in the world using their smartphone.

In addition to security and comfort, energy savings are an added benefit from implementing one of our complete systems.

Fire Alarm and Detection

We offer a variety of products to protect our customers from fire, smoke inhalation, carbon monoxide and other dangers.

These products are integrated into the intrusion detection system.

This is important because fires may start on your property when you are not home, when you are in a different part of your house, or when your family is asleep. Our fire safety systems alert the fire department in an emergency.

This not only protects our customers, it also protects valuables from fire damage.

Video Surveillance and Video Management

Imagery is key information in preventing crimes, tracking down perpetrators and keeping a watchful eye over your property.

We provide a wide variety of video surveillance systems: from localized doorbell cameras that enable the user to identify who is at their door to complex and robust video surveillance networks involving dozens of cameras (or more).

We offer solutions that enable you to store video locally at your home or remotely in the cloud. Our solutions enable you to view video from anywhere in the world via your smart phone or other devices, as well as those that are monitored by a professional third party.

Different households and different businesses mean different protection priorities.

Since 1989, we’ve developed best practices for all kinds of security scenarios.

The best way to find out what kind of security solutions we can recommend for your particular case is to get in touch with us.


Our Central Station monitors your security and fire systems 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. Since 1989, home and business owners have been able to rest easy thanks to our industry-leading response times.